Asset Management.

At Keystone, a successful acquisition is not regarded as an end, but a beginning of the investment process. We actively evaluate each property and define an operation strategy to enhance its performance and achieve long-term growth. Specific plans reflect the optimum short and long-term strategy for that property and may include:

  • Redevelopment
  • Refinancing
  • Strategic leasing plans
  • Capital improvements
  • Optimal holding period
  • Exit strategy

Property Management.

Our clients appreciate Keystone’s emphasis on investment performance, which begins the moment an acquisition is made. This commitment is demonstrated through our property management services. We directly manage each client’s investment by overseeing the property’s operation strategy and business plan on a day-to-day basis utilizing our in-house property manager.

Under certain circumstances, a third party management firm may be contracted to provide additional services; however, Keystone directs and monitors all such relationships to ensure the highest standards are being upheld.

We also offer constant attention to facility maintenance through continual review of 3rd party service vendors to assure the highest level of building system function and to maintain asset value.

Building excellent tenant/landlord relationships is also key to the successful operation of a property, especially in renewal negotiations. We focus on customer service and build strong relationships with tenants as their property manager, which in turn strengthens the value of our client's asset.